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Our Story

We are a part of the commercial construction industry that is currently facing a significant labour shortage. Despite our efforts to hire from local unions, we have had little to no success in finding the workers we need to complete our projects. As a result, we are often put in a position where we need to source out our own labour or reach out to other contractors for help.

The problem is that many of the contractors we are familiar with are also facing the same issue. We all need each other's labour but are unable to help one another. This led us to the realization that it would be more efficient for contractors who have no work or are in between jobs to let others know that they have labour available for limited days.

This is where the idea for an online platform came to fruition. We envisioned a platform where contractors can easily connect and share available workers, without wasting too much time. This platform would be especially beneficial for smaller to medium-sized contractors, who often have a harder time finding workers. It would also benefit larger contractors by freeing up the local unions' available labour.

As a contractor, you can contribute as many workers as possible for as little as 1 day, or for as long as you need them to. We understand that there may be times when your workers are not working due to permits pending, material or equipment delays, or simply not having enough work to keep them busy. It can be difficult to watch your workers sitting at home without pay or having to lay them off and risk losing them to the competition. This is why we came up with the idea of subcontracting out the workers to other contractors. This way, the workers still make money while you make a profit.

One of the main concerns we had was the risk of other contractors recruiting your workers. To address this, we implemented a no recruitment section in our terms and conditions. As we strongly encourage subcontractors to enter in a contract that both parties must sign at each transaction. The safety and security of contributing labour to the industry is our top priority.

Another concern we had was how to keep contractors engaged in the platform and continuously contributing labour to the industry. To address this, we included an internal scheduling feature that contractors can use for their day-to-day scheduling. If any workers are left without a job site, you will be just a few clicks away from posting them in the marketplace. This way, you can wait for notifications from other contractors who are interested and then process the signing of a contract if applicable upon all approvals.

The construction industry is known to be a highly competitive one, with contractors constantly trying to gain projects at the lowest margins possible. However, this is the time for all contractors to come together and help each other out. There is more work out there than we can all handle, and no one else is looking out for us. We are willing to ride this ship with you and be your captain. Together, we can make waves and tackle the labour issue. All hands-on deck, sign up today for your free trial!