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Elevate Your Workforce, Explore Our Marketplace

Creating a link between contractors to subcontract their talented workforce worry-free.

We understand our clients immediate need for service

This service is provided to non-union and unionized companies that work in the residential and commercial/industrial industries. Not only will this service allow you to hire contractors to meet your labour demands, but it will also help minimize layoffs and maintain employer-employee connections.

Acquire Workers

  • Have a demand for workers?
  • Have a schedule to meet?
  • Lack of workers in the industry?
  • Willing to acquire workers from the competition?

We have the right tool!

Contribute Workers

  • Want to keep workers but have no work for them?
  • Don’t want to lose workers to competition?
  • Want workers to keep making money while still making a profit?

Our Software is here to do just that!

Pricing plans designed for you

Trade Center

Access to our Marketplace:

  • General Contractors
  • Plumbing Marketplace
  • Sheet Metal Marketplace
  • HVAC Marketplace
  • Electrical Marketplace
  • Sprinklers
  • Insulation
  • Carpenters
  • Drywall/Acoustic
  • Painting & Taping
  • Glaziers
  • Hazmat
  • EIFS – Stucco
  • Fire Proffers
  • Epoxy Floor Workers
  • Polyurethane Workers
  • Sign Writers – Industrial Units

Included with every plan:

  • Personal Portal
  • Internal Scheduling
  • Worker Management
  • Access to contract template with digital signature feature
  • Access to product center (Marketplace)

Product Center

$50/ month
Access to Product Marketplace:

  • Sell your overstock product; material, tools & equipment
  • Buy product from other contractors; material, tools & equipment
  • Rent out some tools & equipment
  • Rent tools & equipment from other contractors

Do your part, contribute to help the industry

Do your part, contribute to help the industry

Do your part, contribute to help the industry

Do your part, contribute to help the industry

Do your part, contribute to help the industry

Stay engaged and help yourself to the benefits

Stay engaged and help yourself to the benefits

Stay engaged and help yourself to the benefits

Stay engaged and help yourself to the benefits

Stay engaged and help yourself to the benefits

Frequently asked questions

Is it really free to start?

Yes! You get a 30-day free trial. It’s a great way to get a feel for the platform before deciding to move forward with the subscription.

What industries are you servicing?

Currently we are servicing Plumbing, Sheet Metal and HVAC/R non-union and union in the commercial and residential industries. We are currently expanding our operations into other trades, so stay tuned for updates.

If I register with a non-union trade, will union contractors see my posts?

Union subscriptions are separate from non-union subscriptions. There is no crossover between union and non-union of the same trade. Residential and Commercial sectors have also been separated and both have their own subscription. Each trade has 4 subscriptions to choose from that they would be affiliated to. Union residential, Union commercial, Non-union residential or Non-union commercial

If my trades are mixed between union and non-union, can we still get the double or triple trade subscriptions?

Most of the variations of subscription groups have been thought of. Even if you are union sheet metal and non-union plumbing etc… If special subscriptions are required and not available, we will gladly look at our options to customize for you.

Why would it benefit me to post my labour on this platform?

Benefits of posting your labour on the platform would be that you can minimize layoffs, you keep your workers happy by keeping them with a full week’s pay. When entering your employee’s rates, you include a markup, so you would be making money by subbing them out. ALT will also be introducing a point system in the next phase. This will be to all contributors to the platform. Meaning those who post their own labour. The point system will be based on every successful transaction. All transactions as of May 1st, 2023, will be included with the point system. We will release a news article once this has been finalized.

What if other contractors recruit my workers?

We understand the concern. We did include some language in our “Terms and Conditions”. But we recommend you engage in a contract with the other contractors and possibly with your workers that you will post on the platform. We included a blank contract section that you can paste any language you would want as your contract. During the acquiring process, the contractor would have to digitally sign the contract. A notification would be sent back to the subcontractor for their signature. once both digital signatures have been completed, the contract has started, and the communication continues between the sub and contractor.

What if I hire a subcontractor that does not have WSIB.

It is recommended that subcontractors posting their labour have a current WSIB and Insurance. We included check boxes that would be displayed on all posts for contractors to know you have the required documents. If they are not checked, you take the chance of hiring a subcontractor that does not have the required documents. Documents should be provided as proof once the contract is engaged.

Is ALT Labour like a temp agency?

No, it is a platform for contractors to share their labour amongst each other.




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